September 3, 2012

in the blue volume of your sweetness

Happy Labour Day! This weekend has been full of a bit of relaxing, reading, and spending time with friends. Rob and I went to a wedding on Saturday in a beautiful town called Collingwood on Georgian Bay, which is a part of Lake Huron. I remember visiting family friends there as a child, but didn't remember how beautiful it was down near the harbour. In between the ceremony and the reception, we wandered into the downtown and strolled the streets, stopping at a little candy store for some ice cream and candy sticks and then popping into an antique shop. Being a small town girl living in a city now, I need an infusion of small town life every once in awhile. While I love living in Toronto, there is a part of me that still craves a quieter, simpler life. Maybe someday I will get to live that out. :)

Vintage dress
Modcloth wedges
Necklace from Forever 21
Vintage belt

Enjoy this last long weekend of the summer!

<3 Lo


  1. This is so lovely! the shoes are so adorable ;)

  2. so s pretty. those shoes need to come live with me heehee! and that dress is beyond stunning on you. Hope you had a lovely long weekend xx

  3. I like your wedges a lot. By the way, I really like the design of your blog. I'm seeing so many cute ones around and I'm getting jealous!

    Here's my link if you wanted to check my blog out sometime :)


    1. Thanks! My friend Natalie of the blog Paper Crowns helped me with it!

  4. That's a beautiful site. I like your vintage style!

  5. You look so beautiful! I love the dress and those wedges. Oh dear! Beautiful!