May 31, 2012


My dream has come true, and I am finally on Instagram! I traded in my old, dying Blackberry for a lovely Android phone, and of course I immediately got Instagram. Please follow me at DeliciouslyYours, and please share with me your account if you have one. Now, time to get snapping those photos!


May 29, 2012

weekend walkabout

Saturday was Doors Open Toronto, which is an annual event where various buildings around the city which are not usually open to the public, are made free for people to explore. This was the first year that I've taken advantage of this marvelous day, and believe me I took more photos than I care to bore you with!

My roommate Sarah and I have taken to spending our Saturdays going for walks and exploring the neighbourhoods around our apartment. So we decided that Doors Open would be the adventure of the week!

Sarah has little Toronto walking maps that she received as a gift, and this one matched our route perfectly. 

Our first destination was an area called Wychwood Park. It is a private community, where the streets and amenities are paid for by the residents of the area (but the public is still allowed to enter). The neighbourhood began as a gated community in the late 19th century, and the majority of the houses are built using Arts and Crafts style architecture. Now, this area is very affluent with the houses being worth millions of dollars. But it's beautiful to walk through and feels almost like a small town, not a part of the city.

Our first part of Doors Open Toronto began at The Tollkeeper's Cottage, which is a tiny museum that tells the story of the tollkeepers in the 1800's in Canada, when private companies would build and maintain roads and charge toll fees to travelers.

Our last destination was to the Spadina House Museum, which was originally the home to one of the earliest wealthy families in Toronto. The Museum depicts the the life of the family during the 1920's to 1930's, and has really beautiful and vast gardens and grounds.

Going out on this adventure has made Sarah and I aware that there are some many things that are considered "touristy" that we never experience because we live here. So we have vowed to make the most of this wonderful city that we live in and go on more exploratory adventures. And don't worry, I will keep you updated on all those adventures!

xoxo Lo

May 28, 2012


Remember how in a previous post I mentioned that I didn't really own too many items with stripes? Well, I'm beginning to unintentionally fill that void in my wardrobe. I absolutely love this dress. It's so comfortable and will be perfect for really hot summer days, as it's really light and airy. And it works really well with my new little vintage broach that Rob bought me on our recent getaway!

These photos were taking in the gardens of the Spadina House Museum this past weekend, when my roommate and I went on a bit of an adventure day, which I will share more about tomorrow. I'm really happy with how these photos turned out, as I finally have my camera up and running again!

Fraiche dress
Vintage broach
Sandals from Payless
Joe Fresh lipstick in Melon

Have a glorious Monday!


May 24, 2012

monday brunch

I know, I know, it's not Monday. It's Thursday. But this skirt doesn't know that! Previously, I mentioned that I found a lovely new store here in Toronto, which is where I found this cutie of a skirt. The name on the tag is "Monday Brunch", which makes me love this skirt even more. I'm currently obsessed with finding shorter skirts (which is a big change for me, since up until about two years ago I wouldn't wear anything that went past my old self-concious habit I guess). I find them so thoroughly feminine.

When I brought this skirt home, I realized there are so many possibilities for how I can wear it, both in the summer and winter, so I am excited to style it various ways as the seasons change.

 Monday Brunch skirt
Vintage blouse
J&T wedges
Vintage bag

<3 Lo

May 23, 2012

blue on blue

I was pretty pleased when I put this outfit together, it worked so well. I love this little denim sleeveless top that I found at a thrift store a few years ago. It's a great piece for summer, and is really versatile.

These photos were taken last week when tights were still necessary, but I'm happy to say that this particular pair of tights have now been retired (first, because they started to run, and second because it's just too warm now)!

Dress from H&M
Thrifted denim top
Sweet Holic flats

Hope your having a happy Wednesday!


May 21, 2012

a floral maxi and a welcome!

It's Victoria Day long weekend over here, so this gal is going to spend the day picnicking and BBQ-ing! We've been suddenly hit with hot summer weather, the kind I've been craving. I'm definitely more of a warm weather person myself.

And in honour of the warmer weather, I've been pulling out more of my summer clothes. I've been in a very simple mood lately when it comes to my style, so this weather is perfect because I can pretty much throw on a dress and be done with it! Do you ever go through fazes where you don't feel like making much effort with your wardrobe? Not in the sense that I've "let myself go" or anything, just been feeling the desire to be a bit more easy-going I guess.

Thrifted maxi skirt
American Apparel tank
Feather necklace from Rob
Wedge sandals from Piperlime
Vintage belt

I also want to extend a big welcome to all the new friends who started following me via my Girl and Closet sponsorship giveaway! Thank you for showing interest in my blog, and I'm excited to meet some new friends. Please feel free to say hello through comments, my twitter or facebook, or send me an email at (this also includes my "old" followers). I want to learn more about you! 

And congrats to Shanna who won the giveaway for $40 at Fierce Deer !!

Have a happy Monday!


May 17, 2012

prince edward county part 2

Here are the last of the photos from our trip to "the County". We stayed at a really lovely B&B called Whispering Falls. It was a little out of the way from the bigger towns, and we had to drive a bit of a ways through the country and farm land to get there, but it was definitely worth it! It was so peaceful there, and we could hear the crickets through the window that night. Being from a rural area originally, I sometimes forget how quite it is outside of the city...and how dark it gets.

In the morning, we headed downstairs for a beautiful homemade breakfast to find that we actually knew the other guests at the house! A woman and her mother were there for Mother's Day, and she had actually played with Rob in our church band! Our host said that this was the first time any of her house guests had expectantly known each other. Needless to say, it made for some easy and non-awkward breakfast conversation.

Before we left on Sunday, we wandered around the large property, which has gardens throughout and a little forest in the back. We took a mini hike to find the waterfall which is the houses' namesake.

I hope you enjoyed my little update on our trip! If you live in Ontario, or are ever visiting here, I highly recommend making a trip out to this wonderful area.

<3 Lo

May 16, 2012

sandbanks and stripes

This is officially my new favourite dress. It arrived from Modcloth JUST in time for my trip. I'm a big fan of Dear Creatures and instantly fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it. I don't own very many striped things (in fact, I think I only have one other striped dress), but I love the simplicity of this dress. And it's amazingly comfortable.

Rob and I went to visit Sandbanks Provincial park during our time in Prince Edward County. It was beautiful. We climbed over the sand dunes to find a gorgeous, virtually empty beach. It was so hard to believe that all of this was right here in Ontario!

This seemed like the perfect setting to take some photos, with my feet in the sand and the gentle breeze in my hair! (Disclaimer: clearly my pasty white legs have been hidden in pants and tights all winter, so please be gentle!)


Dear Creatures Dress
Vintage bag
Cardigan from Garage

I'll be back tomorrow with part two of our trip photos, featuring our adorable B&B. Hope your day is full of happiness!


May 15, 2012

prince edward county part 1

Hi all! I had some great little vacation time, and I'm back to my regular schedule now. I must say, it was really nice to have some time off work and to spend some really good quality time with Rob, something that has been lacking as of late.

As you may know, Rob and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary at the end of April, and went away this past weekend for a little belated celebration. We headed about two and a half hours outside the city to a rural region called Prince Edward County. It is well-known for it's local, organic foods and for the many wineries there. Since Rob and I are not big wine people, we opted for the eating side of things. It was so nice for us to get out of the city for a bit and just relax. As I mentioned, I was a bit sick so we ended up coming back a bit early, but we still had two days of relaxing in the city together.

Despite feeling under the weather a bit, I had a great time, and we have already decided to go back again soon! It was so peaceful there and amazingly quite in comparison to here in the city. If you live in Ontario, I highly recommend visiting this charming area of the province!

Our first stop was for lunch in the little lakeside town of Wellington at a lovely little place called Tall Poppy Cafe.

 This was one place that we absolutely HAD to visit, as the name was pretty silly, plus we both love going antiquing.

(I love this photo because I didn't even notice that Rob was glaring into the corner of the mirror.)

I still think Rob should have bought these glasses... :)

There are plenty more photos to come, including an outfit post for tomorrow. Hope you are having a good week so far!