May 24, 2012

monday brunch

I know, I know, it's not Monday. It's Thursday. But this skirt doesn't know that! Previously, I mentioned that I found a lovely new store here in Toronto, which is where I found this cutie of a skirt. The name on the tag is "Monday Brunch", which makes me love this skirt even more. I'm currently obsessed with finding shorter skirts (which is a big change for me, since up until about two years ago I wouldn't wear anything that went past my old self-concious habit I guess). I find them so thoroughly feminine.

When I brought this skirt home, I realized there are so many possibilities for how I can wear it, both in the summer and winter, so I am excited to style it various ways as the seasons change.

 Monday Brunch skirt
Vintage blouse
J&T wedges
Vintage bag

<3 Lo


  1. Cute outfit! I love when skirts have pockets!

  2. Oh my... that skirt is SO divine!! I absolutely adore it and the name is just as fabulous! xo

  3. That skirt is lovely, I'm such a sucker for dress/skirts with pockets. You look lovely xo

    1. A dress or a skirt is made about a million times better if it has pockets.

  4. The detailing on the skirt's pockets is just awesome! Very cute :-)
    C Marcia (Sequins)

  5. aw it's super pretty! can't wait to see what else you whip up with it :)

  6. Oh my goodness, those pockets are adorable! This skirt is perfect for getting your brunch on!!!

  7. I love your skirt! And the name on the tag does make it even cuter!

  8. Wow! that skirt is fantastic!