May 14, 2012


Hi everyone! Back from my little trip. Actually, we technically came back yesterday afternoon. Left earlier than we planned because I was actually a little bit sick this past weekend. Still had a great time though, and can't wait to share some photos from our trip!

I found these outfit pictures that were taken right when my camera battery died. For some reason I forgot to share them with you! So these are from a few weeks back, when the weather wasn't as warm as it is now, but I'm wearing a great little blouse from Fleet, a cute shop that I featured back in February. I've been wearing this blouse quite a bit, and kept meaning to get some photos of it, so here some finally are!

Blouse from Fleet
Aldo necklace
Vintage bag
Vintage heels
American Apparel jeans

Stay tuned tomorrow for some photos from my trip! For now, I'm going to enjoy the last day of my vacation time! Happy Monday!



  1. That is a great top! hope your feeling better.

    1. Definitely on the mend. Thanks for the well-wishes!

  2. ooo can't wait to see the pictures! and i love this outfit, especially how you paired the bright colors. i like the details on that top, it's really cute

    1. I know. this top has really grown on me. I love the little lace detail.

  3. Too cute! The mustard yellow and red lips look fantastic together :)