July 28, 2011


It's a rainy, foggy day so I wanted to just feel comfortable today. This is a simple, no-fuss outfit thats perfect for the weather. We haven't had rain in quite awhile, so I don't mind it today. It's a nice change of pace from the heat-wave of last week. I am hoping though, that the weather improves for the long-weekend we have ahead! Looking forward to a bit of a break from my very hectic week.

Vintage 1950's umbrella. Ring and bracelet from Aldo Accessories.
Thrifted black flats
Thrifted pink button-up blouse (one of my fav shirts!)

Cheap Monday jeans

Hope the weather is great where you are! 

July 24, 2011

sticking with it

So I'm going to take a break from my normal posts, and do one with a little more writing. I've been thinking about this whole blog thing lately, and feeling slightly unmotivated. That got me thinking about one of the first posts that I did, Committment Issues . I publicly stated that I was going to remain faithful to this blog, and I think that means that I need to push through even when I feel unmotivated or uninspired...or simply when life becomes busy. I do think its ok for me to go a week or two there without posting, because lets be honest, we all get busy now and then, but I need to push myself to maintain some consistency.

I started this blog as a creative outlet for myself, so I want to make sure that I allow myself the time in my schedule to be creative. I've recently started writing for a website and blog of an non-profit organization (more details on that later), and it got me thinking about calling myself a blogger if I don't actually blog.

All I want is for this to be a venue for me to be creative, share a bit of myself, and to just be REAL. And, alas, sometimes that means sucking at this whole blog thing.

But that's ultimately what commitment is all about isn't it. Sometimes its easy and fun, and other times its harder and you need to just keep going no matter what, whether its in your career, relationship, or with your hobbies. We all have times when we feel like giving up.

I've been learning a lot about sticking to my commitments this year, and hopefully I'm doing better. And hopefully those lessons are paying off.

What about you? Do you have areas of your life where sometimes commitment seems a little hard? What do you do to stick with it?

July 23, 2011

lo's favourites 10

I'm back! Opps, bit of an unplanned hiatus there. Seems to be happening quite a bit this summer. What have I been up to? Mostly working and enjoying the summer!

Just thought I would share some fun fav things!

Fun DIY project of adding vintage wallpaper to the inside of plain envelopes! From Project Wedding

Amazing stretch jersey dress from Spotted Moth

Such a cool idea for old vintage suitcases! I love finding these, but never have a use for them. Now I do! Simple instructions on Design Sponge

Bah! Cutest kitchen appliances ever from Big Chill! Never though I would get excited by an oven before!

Polka dotty fun from Topshop

Fort idea! I've been wanting to build a fort for the last little while, but it's been brutally hot. Going to reference this for later! Again from Design Sponge

It's been a massive, record break heat wave this week, so I've been trying to survive. Also have acquired a few new wardrobe pieces that need to be shown off. Stay posted!

July 1, 2011

happy birthday canada!

Today Canada turned 144! We are still so young! I celebrated by meeting friends in a big downtown park and just relaxing. It was so perfect! Plus, the boy returned this evening from being on tour again, so that completed my day nicely!


Another friendly

My rusty old bike, and my new maxi dress! Reminds me of fireworks, which seemed appropriate for the occasion!