July 23, 2011

lo's favourites 10

I'm back! Opps, bit of an unplanned hiatus there. Seems to be happening quite a bit this summer. What have I been up to? Mostly working and enjoying the summer!

Just thought I would share some fun fav things!

Fun DIY project of adding vintage wallpaper to the inside of plain envelopes! From Project Wedding

Amazing stretch jersey dress from Spotted Moth

Such a cool idea for old vintage suitcases! I love finding these, but never have a use for them. Now I do! Simple instructions on Design Sponge

Bah! Cutest kitchen appliances ever from Big Chill! Never though I would get excited by an oven before!

Polka dotty fun from Topshop

Fort idea! I've been wanting to build a fort for the last little while, but it's been brutally hot. Going to reference this for later! Again from Design Sponge

It's been a massive, record break heat wave this week, so I've been trying to survive. Also have acquired a few new wardrobe pieces that need to be shown off. Stay posted!

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