August 26, 2011

ruche chose my love story!

A few months ago, Ruche, one of my fave new online shops (check out the shop here) posted on their twitter and blog that they were going to begin featuring love stories that were submitted by readers/customers. On a whim, I decided to write the love story of me and the man in my life, and sent in the story to Ruche. In a way, I think I wrote it down more for personal reasons, so that I could document our story for us.

Fast forward a few months late, and I received an email from that they had chosen my story for their blog! I was so excited, having almost forgotten about the entire thing all together. And the fun part is that I didn't even tell my boy that I submitted it. He was so touched when he found out.

Here is a sneak peek below, but if you want to read the whole thing you will have to click on the link and read it on the Ruche site. Enjoy!

Love Stories: Connections

I had never really believed in the idea of a love that was “meant to be”. I think I told myself that I didn’t necessarily believe in “the one” because I didn’t want to feel the pressures of finding, or not finding, that specific person.

That all changed when I met my one, and only, great love.
Rob and I met about a year after I moved to Toronto at a church that I had started attending. I instantly recognized him as the drummer in a band at another church I had gone to a few times during my undergrad years in another city. We chatted quickly about the few people that we knew in common, and about how he too had moved to Toronto, about two years before I did. I thought nothing of it other than being one of those coincidences in life. It was a little funny that none of those people introduced us, however, and that we had somehow connected on our own....

Read the rest here!:

August 16, 2011

being a nerd about your job is cool

I will be the first to admit that I am a nerd. But I think that everyone is a bit of a nerd about some things in life. I've been thinking recently about jobs, as I finally embark on a career that really means something to me...and I've decided that I'm kind of a nerd about it.

For the first time in my life, I feel that the work that I am doing is meaningful, and I actually enjoy it. I'm finishing up my last few days as an intern at Amnesty International (which I wrote about here), and was just offered a full time fundraising position at the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research. I'm extremely excited to start my job there!

Since studying fundraising and learning more about the world of charities, I've realized that I'm a bit of a nerd for my chosen career. The first place I go on a charity's website is their donation page, I get excited about writing grant applications, and I love meeting other short, I majorly nerd out.

But I don't think that this is a bad thing. I think I've been waiting to feel this way for a very long time. I'm sure that everyone has these same moments, whatever industry you work in. For me, being a nerd about my work goes hand-in-hand with contentment. I also think it makes me work harder and go beyond the call of duty, simply because I WANT to learn more and be challenged.

Do you ever feel the same way? What about your job makes you nerd out?

If you haven't found a job that makes you feel like this, I sincerely hope that you too can find a career that makes you a huge, self-proclaimed nerd!

August 10, 2011

shameless promotion

So as the girlfriend of a musician, I clearly have an obligation to promote my boy's band.

His band is called Hotkid and they just released this new video on Friday. Please enjoy and pass along! Also, see if you can spot me!

August 5, 2011

lauren moffatt fall 2011

I haven't done a designer feature in a long time, but that's partly been because some of my favs haven't released their fall collections yet. But they are starting to emerge, slowly but surely! I can't believe we're at this point in the summer already. August always seems to fly by as we grasp on to those last days of summer. I love summer, but I also love the fall, and a big part of that is because of fall collections!

Earlier in the year, I featured Lauren Moffatt's spring/summer collection. I had just discovered her, and totally fell in love with her designs and styling. And I have NOT been disappointed by her new fall collection!

I'm starting to get some really great fashion inspirations for this fall already! But trying not to get too far ahead of myself, and concentrating on enjoying this last month before the sun starts to set earlier.

August 1, 2011

snippets of summer

I love snapping pictures with my phone because it's so easy. I wanted to share with you some of  my summer, and thought that posting some of the photos archived in my phone would be the best way.

Here's a bit of what I've been up to:

1. Trying macaroons for the first time!

 2. Strolling around my city in the evenings! I feel so blessed to be living here!

3. Going to LOTS of my boy's shows. (He's hidden in the back on the drums)

4. Brunching!

5. Enjoying the peonies that popped up in my front yard!

6. Watching my boy open the first night of their tour with this little Canadian band (aka Sloan).

7. Attending weddings in large fancy hats.

8. Eating ice cream treats with sister!

9. Going on biking adventures with friends!

10. Spending lots of quality time with my man!

I'm loving this summer, and I hope that you're loving it as well!