June 15, 2011

I have a new job!

So I know I've been absent the last week and a bit, and I've felt horrible to all my blog readers, but I've been busy transitioning from classes to work and its felt like a bit of a whirlwind. But I'm finally getting settled in!

I'm interning over the summer as part of my graduate program at Amnesty International! Amnesty is an organization that works to promote human rights around the world through advocacy and research. I'm so honoured and excited to be given this opportunity. I'm only 2 days in, but I feel like it's exactly where I'm meant to be. I'm so inspired by the people that I'm working with, and the work that Amnesty does as a whole. There's something so incredible about being surrounded by people who have a real sense of purpose and excitement about their jobs.

They set up a nice desk for me, and I snapped a few pics on my phone that I'm sharing with you so you can get an idea of where I work.

My lovely and BIG desk!

I have office supplies!

Thank you letter madness!
My position at Amnesty is assisting with the monthly giving program in the Fundraising (Resource Development) department. I get to connect with donors and talk about why the work that Amnesty does is so important.

SO, visit the Amnesty website (www.amnesty.ca), read about what we do, get involved, and spread the word!

And I promise I will be better at blogging! ;)


  1. YES! I am so excited for you, and proud of you. This really is the best place for you, and they are SO lucky to have you as a part of their team! I look forward to more updates about your work at Amnesty!

  2. I love Amnesty! What a great opportunity, Laura. Cute desk -- and you have my FAVOURITE PENS IN THE WORLD! (The simple blue Papermate ones... I love them)
    Good luck!! <3

  3. what a fantastic opportunity for you! well done!