May 30, 2011

polka dots

Went to the Clothing Show downtown this weekend, and came home with this polka dotty number....

Cardigan from Costa Blanca

Top from Garage

Vintage polka dot PANTS (bet you thought it was a skirt, huh?!)

Vintage suede wedge sandals

Vintage belt, earrings, and bracelets. The BF wanted me to include the tree in this photo, hence the weird pose
So happy that summer seems to finally have arrived in Toronto! Feeling inspired for some fun, summery outfits. I promised that I would reveal the Mod Cloth shoes, and that promise will be fullfilled, my people. Coming soon! I also want to point out that these photos prove why I could never be a good model :)


  1. I totally have that one gold bracelet you are wearing, the one after the pearls before the bangles...or at least one that looks like it! Also you look so cute.

  2. I was going to tell you on Sunday that I really like the earrings! Thanks again for coming. :)