April 27, 2011


Hi everyone! I am alive, I assure you! As I've mentioned over the last month, school has been really busy, but things are FINALLY winding down! I have my last day of classes tomorrow for this semester, and then I get an entire week off before starting it all over again! I am SO looking forward to some time off, I have to tell you. I've barely had time to myself, hence why my blog has been suffering. And I am so sorry for that!

Didn't get a chance to get any pics or write a blog post about my anniversary either, but I will tell you, it was a lovely time!  ;)

Anyway, thought I would throw up a few outfit photos in order to sustain you. As mentioned, I have next week off and have a few great blog ideas that I'm just itching to have the time to do. As well I will be embarking on a little online blogging course. Exciting things to come folks!

Toronto skyline from Lakeshore. It was windy!

Vintage blazer and antique double broach

High-waisted silk pants from American Apparel

Vintage luggage bag and ring from Aldo

T-shirt from Garage and vintage "cycling" heels

See you soon with lots of fun and exciting things!

April 19, 2011

a less than ideal day

This is what it looks like outside today....

.....aka. gross, windy, and cold.

This is what I'm doing inside.....

...aka. pile and piles of homework.

BUT I only have to make it through until tomorrow night, because Rob and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary! Yippee! And don't you worry, I'll be sure to report back to you lovely people on Thursday.

April 17, 2011

blog friend: sabrina scott

My last edition of "blog friend" (for now, anyway)! But that certainly does not mean that this girl (and her blog) is any less important!

Let me introduce you to Sabrina! She and I first met a few years ago through the man in her life, who I was in my undergrad with. Let me tell you, she is one talented lady! And super fashionable as well!

Hello Go Go's shirt!
Sabrina is an illustrator queen, and her blog focuses mostly on her work, with an occasional post about her life (and her little kitty!). She also knows stuff about html/css that I do not (I suck at it all), so her blog is her own original design. I love how simple and minimalist it is. I also love her posts showing the progress of her work

Here are a few of my favourites peices by her.
Acquisition of power

Communication with Nature

A newer peice; Stoicism
Check out Sabrina's blog here, and her illustration website here. Enjoy!

April 15, 2011

lo's favourites 8

Yay! More fun discoveries from this week!

Sterling silver feather bracelet from Verabel + Fox

I've always been a fan of the one-peice bathsuit, and LOVE this one from J. Crew

A butter-yellow butter dish!  From the genius of Anthropologie
Very tempted to order these "Catwalk Queen Heels" from Modcloth

More genius from Anthropologie. Salt and pepper shakers in a cute holder.

April 13, 2011

record store love

I have the extreme fortune of dating a boy who works in a record store (Sonic Boom). This leads to many trips to "visit" him, which always results in me searching through all the vinyl, dvds, and cds. And the store is not small, so my short visits often turn into an hour or more. Boy was working until midnight last night, so I ventured over at around 8 and did a little record store photo shoot. It was quick cause RB had to get back to work, and I felt slightly awkward with the other customers there, but here are the few shots that we did.

One of the vinyl sections I frequent. Always check out the Social Distortion, one of my fav old school punk bands.

Awkward in the Jazz section

So cheap! And enjoyable!

Record store outfit. Handmade vintage dress, H&M cardigan, vintage heels. And the top of my dress is doing something awkward....

A wall of sweet vinyl

RB hard at work. For some reason he decided to pretend that he was stapling his head?
They have everything at SB, even this guy. And for only $6. What a steal.

If you're in Toronto, check out Sonic Boom (if you haven't already). It's by far one of the best record stores in the city, and quite possibly in the WORLD (I'm a little biased).

Hope you're having an excellent day! Go and get aquainted with some vinyl. mmmmmmm.

April 12, 2011


Found these lovely/inspiring fashions from London-based Colenimo. So into the very 1920's-esque feel of the clothes. I think the hat is one of my fav items! And those white shorts just kill me!

April 10, 2011

lo's favourites 7: summery photos

Two weeks have gone by without a new edition of  "lo's favourites", but this one makes me feel all lovely inside. Here is a collect of some whimsical, summery photographs that I find inspiring and cute.

Sweet Surprise

I Love Spring


Wish Upon a Star

Melancholy Blossoms

Ferris Wheel

Summers Day Dreams

April 9, 2011

blog friend: amy-lynn

I haven't done a blog friend post in about two weeks, so here ya go! This time I'm featuring my oldest (in terms of length of friendship, not age) friend, Amy-Lynn. Amy and I have known each other since kindergarten, when her grandma was our teacher. We went all through elementary school and high school together, and believe it or not, haven't really seen each other since! Life has just gotten in the way, and I don't get back home too often. We have stayed in contact over the wonders of the internet, however, so we are able to keep up on what's going on in the other's life. One reason why I haven't gotten a chance to see Amy in so long, is because she's been busy getting married and becoming a mom to two beautiful little girls!

Amy and Annaliese
Her blog, Duffield Family Blog, outlines her life as a stay-at-home mom who tries to to keep natural parenting a priority. Even though I don't have children, I still love reading her blog. She's got a bit of a Martha Stewart streak in her, and has some amazing recipes posted on her blog as well. It's very obvious just by reading her blog how much she loves her girls and her life as a mom.

My favourite post on her blog was about the birth of her second daughter, Violet. It definitely brought happy tears to my eyes! And now her little baby is already 3 months old!

The two girlies together
Amy's blog is definitely a good read, and I always look forward to her updates about her little family. So check it out, and have a peek into her cute little life (and enjoy many cute pics of her girls!).

April 3, 2011

elmira maple syrup festival

Hiiiiiiii! I wish that I had more time recently to post more things in this here blog, but again, life has been busy busy! But I want to share with you what I did yesterday, because it was so darn fun!

Why the picture of a tractor you ask?! Because I rode on it! My sister, brother-in-law, some friends, and I made a little road trip out to Elmira, Ontario for their maple syrup festival (which is apparently the largest in  North America!). We had to park waaayyy outside of the town center and take a tractor ride into the festival site.

Friendlies enjoying the farm life.
The road under my feet!
 After we disembarked from the tractor ride, we hit up a DOG SHOW!

This was the best shot I could get :(. We were too far away and there were polls in my way. And all my zoomed in shots of the puppies were blurry. :(
After the puppy show, we headed down to the main street of the town, where all of the maple syrup action was taking place. There were vendors and people EVERYWHERE! First we headed to the pancake tents so the others could get some tasty pancakes (not me of course, too much gluten in those things).

Festival wear: Vintage sunglasses, funny vintage sweater-jacket, generic white T, United Colors of Benetton  skirt, little flats.
Sister receiving her two GIGANTIC pancakes. A second after I took this pic, the lovely gentleman serving her tried to do a fancy pancake flipping trick, and flipped the pancake onto my sister, and it landed on the ground right in front of me! He was a little embarrassed, but we all ended up laughing about it. It was very cute!
Digging in!

The one thing I was the most excited about was trying maple taffy. Maple syrup is boiled over a hot fire and then poured onto snow in little shapes. The snow hardens the maple into a sticky, tasty taffy.

Pouring the taffy and putting the pieces on to sticks.

Eating taffy! It was sooo delicious.
Even though I had planned on staying in this weekend and getting a bunch of school work done, I was so glad that I decided to go to the festival. It was nice to get out of the city for a bit (Elmira is a gorgeous little town that looks like it's straight out of a movie!) and just spend some time with friends and family. Oh, and not to mention, celebrating the wonderful Canadian tradition of the maple syrup harvest! I even brought home a few souvenirs!

One candy apple for me and one for the Man (he had to work, so he couldn't come), a little jar of amazing maple butter, and this really cute antique double broach!