April 3, 2011

elmira maple syrup festival

Hiiiiiiii! I wish that I had more time recently to post more things in this here blog, but again, life has been busy busy! But I want to share with you what I did yesterday, because it was so darn fun!

Why the picture of a tractor you ask?! Because I rode on it! My sister, brother-in-law, some friends, and I made a little road trip out to Elmira, Ontario for their maple syrup festival (which is apparently the largest in  North America!). We had to park waaayyy outside of the town center and take a tractor ride into the festival site.

Friendlies enjoying the farm life.
The road under my feet!
 After we disembarked from the tractor ride, we hit up a DOG SHOW!

This was the best shot I could get :(. We were too far away and there were polls in my way. And all my zoomed in shots of the puppies were blurry. :(
After the puppy show, we headed down to the main street of the town, where all of the maple syrup action was taking place. There were vendors and people EVERYWHERE! First we headed to the pancake tents so the others could get some tasty pancakes (not me of course, too much gluten in those things).

Festival wear: Vintage sunglasses, funny vintage sweater-jacket, generic white T, United Colors of Benetton  skirt, little flats.
Sister receiving her two GIGANTIC pancakes. A second after I took this pic, the lovely gentleman serving her tried to do a fancy pancake flipping trick, and flipped the pancake onto my sister, and it landed on the ground right in front of me! He was a little embarrassed, but we all ended up laughing about it. It was very cute!
Digging in!

The one thing I was the most excited about was trying maple taffy. Maple syrup is boiled over a hot fire and then poured onto snow in little shapes. The snow hardens the maple into a sticky, tasty taffy.

Pouring the taffy and putting the pieces on to sticks.

Eating taffy! It was sooo delicious.
Even though I had planned on staying in this weekend and getting a bunch of school work done, I was so glad that I decided to go to the festival. It was nice to get out of the city for a bit (Elmira is a gorgeous little town that looks like it's straight out of a movie!) and just spend some time with friends and family. Oh, and not to mention, celebrating the wonderful Canadian tradition of the maple syrup harvest! I even brought home a few souvenirs!

One candy apple for me and one for the Man (he had to work, so he couldn't come), a little jar of amazing maple butter, and this really cute antique double broach!


  1. Now I am craving maple syrup! Looks like so much fun, and your outfit...my dear is SO ADORABLE, you look so fabulous! xo

  2. i know it's no 99cent sweater day but... april 8 & 9th is 50% off all red and yellow tag items at the salvation army. woo hoo! xoxo