April 27, 2011


Hi everyone! I am alive, I assure you! As I've mentioned over the last month, school has been really busy, but things are FINALLY winding down! I have my last day of classes tomorrow for this semester, and then I get an entire week off before starting it all over again! I am SO looking forward to some time off, I have to tell you. I've barely had time to myself, hence why my blog has been suffering. And I am so sorry for that!

Didn't get a chance to get any pics or write a blog post about my anniversary either, but I will tell you, it was a lovely time!  ;)

Anyway, thought I would throw up a few outfit photos in order to sustain you. As mentioned, I have next week off and have a few great blog ideas that I'm just itching to have the time to do. As well I will be embarking on a little online blogging course. Exciting things to come folks!

Toronto skyline from Lakeshore. It was windy!

Vintage blazer and antique double broach

High-waisted silk pants from American Apparel

Vintage luggage bag and ring from Aldo

T-shirt from Garage and vintage "cycling" heels

See you soon with lots of fun and exciting things!


  1. Look at you with all your adorableness!

  2. May I have a copy of this picture? It is too adorable!!!