April 17, 2011

blog friend: sabrina scott

My last edition of "blog friend" (for now, anyway)! But that certainly does not mean that this girl (and her blog) is any less important!

Let me introduce you to Sabrina! She and I first met a few years ago through the man in her life, who I was in my undergrad with. Let me tell you, she is one talented lady! And super fashionable as well!

Hello Go Go's shirt!
Sabrina is an illustrator queen, and her blog focuses mostly on her work, with an occasional post about her life (and her little kitty!). She also knows stuff about html/css that I do not (I suck at it all), so her blog is her own original design. I love how simple and minimalist it is. I also love her posts showing the progress of her work

Here are a few of my favourites peices by her.
Acquisition of power

Communication with Nature

A newer peice; Stoicism
Check out Sabrina's blog here, and her illustration website here. Enjoy!

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