April 5, 2013

insta moments

I haven't forgotten about you. In fact, I think about you often. But sometimes life just needs to be lived, and sometimes hobbies replace other hobbies. I still want to continue posting, but I've come to accept that it's ok if I have a little hiatus sometimes. You still like me anyway :)

In case you've been wondering, here's a bit of what I've been up to! Follow me on Instagram @deliciouslyyours

1. Perfecting a recipe for easy gluten-free scones (I've done it!)
2. Practising the bouffant hairstyle
3. Re-discovering my childhood Babysitters Club book collection (yes, that is a "Complete Guide To")
4. Getting my boyfriend to do my dishes (you're the best babe!)
5. Going rollerskating!
6. Hanging out with the cutest gal I know, my niece Penny.
7. Going to sewing classes
8. Reminiscing about my regrettable high school hair choices.
9. Watching my favourite movie of all time, Sister Act 2!

I have a few posts planned for very soon! So thank you for sticking with me in my absence!

xoxo Lo

March 4, 2013

a small space

Since winter in Toronto makes me a hermit and makes me have almost zero fashion inspiration (the only goal is to stay warm!), I thought I would share a little indoor post with a few peeks into my bedroom. My room is a bit of a safe haven for me, and I always feel relaxed and comfortable there. It's fairly small, so I've selected special things to have around me that make me happy and relaxed and nostalgic.

Decorating a small spaces can be tricky, but I really think that all that is needed is a bit of minimalism (but not too much. I like a little fun clutter), and to include items or pieces that make you happy. Some times the cold, dark, dryness of winter gets to me, but being in my room always refreshes and brightens me up!

xoxo Lo

February 22, 2013

ruby soho lipstick giveaway winner

I'm happy to announce that the winner of the Ruby Soho lipstick is Stacey! Thanks to everyone who entered! Stacey, I'll send you an email to arrange shipment.

February 6, 2013

giveaway: ruby soho lipstick in support of Kisses 4 CANFAR

It's been awhile since I've done a giveaway, and I especially excited about this one, because not only can you win a tube of lipstick, but you can also show your support for a good cause! I've mentioned on my blog (and on my "about me" page) that I work at a charity called the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR). Not only do I love what I do, I am also really passionate about the cause. Did you know that women aged 15-24 are the most vulnerable to HIV infection, with rates twice as high as in young men?

Well this year at CANFAR, we have a really fun new awareness campaign called Kisses 4 CANFAR that runs from Feb. 1 - 15th. We're only a few days into the campaign and have already raised almost $7,000! People can get involved by wearing red lipstick, sporting our kiss pins, or slapping on one of our kiss tattoos. There are also opportunities to start an individual or team fundraiser, and raise money to help us kiss HIV and AIDS goodbye!

Now, you, my lovely blog reader, have the opportunity to win a tube of Ruby Soho lipstick from our lipstick sponsor, M by Maddie! This lipstick is valued at $28 and is biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty-free. So I'm giving away one tube of lipstick in exchange for a little support for our campaign!

To enter:
1. Simply "Like" the Kisses 4 CANFAR Facebook page and leave a comment below!
2. For an extra entry, follow CANFAR on Twitter and leave a comment below.

The giveaway will close next Wednesday, Feb, 13th, and is open to North American readers only.  

Thanks for all the support! Looking forward to picking the winner!

xo Lo

P.S. If you are interested, you can check out my fundraiser page and make a donation!

February 4, 2013

sunday best

Sunday is my favourite day of the week. I usually try and get all of my chores and errands done on Saturday, so that I can just relax and have time with friends on Sunday. The last year or so of Sundays have been a bit of a transition for me. With Rob working shifts at the record store, he usually has his days off during the week. The first year of our relationship, when he had a different job, we had every Sunday together, but that hasn't been the case for quite some time now. BUT recently Rob has decided to take Sunday's off again, so that we get to have a regular day together every week. We have also recently started going to a new church. This is a very big change for us, but something that we have been very excited to take on together. We have been meeting lots of really great people and enjoying the new change of pace (the service that we attend is at 5:00 pm!). I'm really excited to see what this new Sunday routine has to bring for this year!

Vintage dress
Thrifted wool cardigan
Aldo ballet flats
Heart necklace from Forever 21

In case you didn't notice, I have no bangs in these pictures! I've been trying to figure out what to do with my bangs, and have decided (I think) on growing them out a bit. I've been so use to having them though, that they have begun to feel a bit like a security blanket to me. So now I have to get use to flaunting my forehead  Hello forehead! 

It's good to be back with a little outfit post! 
xoxo Lo

January 29, 2013

blogging manifesto

So as you may have noticed, I've been on kind of a blog hiatus...and a bit of an unplanned one at that. I started to feel guilty for having lost motivation and inspiration for my blog, and at times got pretty stressed about not keeping up with it.

But then I realized that this is MY blog - not anyone elses - and I can have fluctuations and ups and downs if I want to. Rob always reminds me that its about quality and NOT quantity, but I find myself worrying about losing all the followers that I worked so hard to gain, or being a crappy blogger, and many such other self-depricating and insecure thoughts. It then occured to me that blogging is what I make of it, and that you lovely people follow my blog for a variety of reasons, but mostly because (for whatever reason) you have found something in this blog that you enjoy. I also do not want to underestimate my readers, and assume that you are fickle and would stop liking me if I stopped blogging for a bit.

And so I want to stay true to giving you all content that is about quality and NOT quantity (this is something I am working to be confident about myself) I think this means that my blog is going to change a bit, and I'm going to challenge myself to move away from doing mostly outfit posts, and am going to try and add in more lifestyle posts. There is so much more to me that I want to share with you all :)

So THANK YOU for sticking with me (even when I take a break for a bit, which, let's face it, is what everyone needs sometimes)! I'm looking forward to this year ahead and to what life - and this blog - has to bring me :)

<3 Lo

December 5, 2012

three things: christmas

I love Christmas. Seriously love it. It's my favourite holiday and favourite time of year. As soon as the 1st of December hits, I'm ready to get in the Christmas spirit! Last Christmas was a bit of an adjustment, having to organize different schedules, and go from one family celebration to another. I'm determined to not have any stress this year, and to just enjoy the season that I love so much! There are countless things that I love about the days leading up to December 25th (and even beyond), but here are the three main reasons why I love Christmas:

1. Traditions. Growing up, my family had so many little Christmas traditions, whether it was getting out our homemade advent calendar, watching White Christmas, or eating my dad's sticky buns on Christmas morning. Now that I'm older, I'm building new Christmas traditions, ones including Rob and now my niece Penny. Some of the traditions I hold on to and still continue, but I look forward to the new ones I will form over the next few years.

2. The Spirit. There's definitely something special that happens around this time of year, especially when the snow begins to fall here in Ontario. Working in a charity, I certainly notice the increase in charitable donations, and people just generally seem to be NICER. When I'm sitting with my family, enjoying Christmas goodies, looking at the twinkling lights on the tree, and wearing a cozy winter sweater, I get this little warm feeling in my stomach...a feeling of love and contentment. I also reflect on what Christmas really means to me; the story of Jesus' birth and how that amazing story effects my life today.

3. Music! I LOVE Christmas music (not all, but most!). Nothing gets me into a Christmas mood more than some wonderful music of the season. I love that there are carols that are timeless, and still enjoyed by people today, hundreds of years later.

I know I'm spouting annoying Christmas cheer already, but I hope that you feel love this holiday season. For some people, Christmas can be a tough time for a variety of reasons (myself included. While I love this season, there are people that I really miss during this time of year), so I hope that we can all do our best to make everyone feel welcomed and loved (and obviously this should be something that we pursue all year round!).

20 days until Christmas!!!

<3 Lo