May 30, 2011

polka dots

Went to the Clothing Show downtown this weekend, and came home with this polka dotty number....

Cardigan from Costa Blanca

Top from Garage

Vintage polka dot PANTS (bet you thought it was a skirt, huh?!)

Vintage suede wedge sandals

Vintage belt, earrings, and bracelets. The BF wanted me to include the tree in this photo, hence the weird pose
So happy that summer seems to finally have arrived in Toronto! Feeling inspired for some fun, summery outfits. I promised that I would reveal the Mod Cloth shoes, and that promise will be fullfilled, my people. Coming soon! I also want to point out that these photos prove why I could never be a good model :)

May 26, 2011


I've recently discovered the world of online shopping. I've always been a little nervous to order anything, worried about sizes, or how it would actually look once it was on. It's always seemed very final to me. But I've ordered a few things online over the last few months, and am loving it. There are a few shops with really unique and cute styles that I haven't really been able to find in stores without spending a ton of money.

Ruche is a great little shop that has been featured on many blogs. They carry all kinds of clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes...basically anything a real lady could need! Plus it's fairly affordable in comparison to some other online shops.

I love the cute styles Ruche carries. Some classic looks, some vintage, and some current. There is definitely something there for everyone.

Ruche was started by a husband and wife team, which makes it even cuter. You can read their story on the Ruche blog

Enjoy the shopping!

May 23, 2011

when the boyfriend is away

Well, RB left me to tour in Ireland and England for two weeks. I never like when he goes away, but as a musician, its part of his "job". I was jealous that I couldn't go with him, and was stuck here to live life as normal. However, I was determined to do as much as I could to make time go quickly so that I could have him back. Its nearing the end of his two weeks away (he returns tomorrow! Eeeeee!), and I somehow managed to make it through.

So here is a lovely list of things to do while your significant other is away:

1. Cuddle with a puppy! This is the best cure for any loneliness/sadness

2. Eat delicious gourmet cupcakes! I finally found an amazing gluten-free cupcake place with some insane flavours!

3. Visit with lovely friends in another city!

4. Visit with lovely friends in your OWN city!

5. Go shopping! I found this amazing vintage bag, which will be for everyday use. Oh, and I also ordered a pair of heels from Mod Cloth, but I'll show those off once they are delivered (soon please?!)

6. Visit your mom! (insert photo of your own mom...cause I forgot to take pics of mine while I was visiting. Opps)

May 16, 2011

lo's favourites 9: anthropologie

*Note: Blogger was having some issues last week and lost this post I did. It only came back now, so apologies if you were unable to access this post or if anything else was weird with my blog. Things should be back to normal now!


Haven't done a weekly favourite in awhile, so thought I would share somefav picks from Anthropologie. A little variety for some wardrobe inspiration! Check out their website for a closer look, and for all of their other awesome pieces!

Late Seating Blazer
Lengthening Rays Skirt
Double Dipped Tunic
Across the Land Dress
Sable Trimmed Cardi
Knife-pleated Palazzo Pants

May 11, 2011

awkward outfit post

Ready for some awkwardness? These photos are quite possibly some of the most awkward of me so far (although my I think my sister has a few more that shall never been revealed to anyone).

I asked my lovely sis to take some pics of my for an outfit post, and for some reason we couldn't stop laughing, which lead to some intensly weird and awkward photos. I thought for a moment that I wouldn't end up using them, but then I decided that they are maybe too good to keep to myself. So enjoy some awkwardness on this Wednesday morning!

Dress from H&M

vintage lace top

Necklace from Ardene's, ring from Aldo

vintage wedge sandals, vintage leather Cartier bag

I thought these photos expressed a little part of myself. Sometimes I'm goofy, nerdy, too loud, and extremely awkward (although some people may argue that this is how I am most of the time).

So embrace your awkwardness today!

May 6, 2011

commuter photos

I have about a 45 minute commute in the mornings, and sometimes I get bored sitting there by myself, so I snap a few pics on my phone to amuse myself. Most of these I send to the boyfriend, but I thought I would share a few with you!

I was very excited about Roll up the Rim..I won another coffee

Usually I'm one of those perky annoying morning people, but apparently on this morning I was a bit of a grump!

Much needed coffee (or maybe tea)
Sometimes the car is really empty and I get to put my feet up

A pair of favourite shoes

Apparently there's a running theme here....I drink alot of coffee

May 4, 2011

style on a budget

As most of the posts on this blog are fashion related, I thought I would share some of my secrets of remaining fashionable while on a fixed/limited budget. There are ways to stay on top of the season's fashions without spending alot of money. So I've decided to do a few posts here and there about shopping on a budget. In this post I'm going to be referencing large second-hand stores, such as Value Village, Salvation Army, or Goodwill. I will consult vintage shopping and other major retail stores later. 

I grew up in a family that frequented the local Salvation Army, and I was constantly getting hand-me-downs from various family and friends. So I guess for me, second-hand clothing has never been taboo. But if this is not the case for you, I hope that I can help qwell some of your thrift shopping fears.

 Here's how I approach thrift shopping:

  • Establish your clothing budget. How much are you willing (or not willing) to pay. Even when going thrift shopping, I set a limit for myself. Usually it's around $20 or $30. And you can get quite a few items for that price!
  • Seek out a thift store in your area that you are comfortable going to. There are some that are nicer than others, but check them all out and find one that suits you. HOWEVER do not judge the store by its first appearance, because you never know what gems you will find within!
  • Check labels. I've found many name-brand or designer pieces, from United Colours of Benetton, to Armani.
  • Give yourself lots of time and be patient! When my sister and I go out thrift shopping, we leave ourselves an hour or more. Do one sweep of the store or the sections you may be interested in, and then dig in! I usually grab a cart and fill it with anything and everything that looks interesting, and then try it all on to see what works.
  • Sometimes I head to a thrift store with a particular item in mind. If I spot something in a magazine or in a retail store that I find interesting, I see if I can find it second-hand first...and usually I'm not disappointed!
One thing that I LOVE about thrift shopping is that I can find all kinds of unique and interesting styles, and I know that no one else is going to have that same piece in their closet. So you can find things that are in fashion currently, but with an interesting twist. And you don't have to be a "certain type" to go thrift shopping! I think there is an idea that you need to have a certain fashion sense in order to enjoy second-hand shopping, but this is not the case! Stay true to who you are and what works for you, and I promise you can find it second-hand!

Another perk of second-hand shopping is that most of the places have a charity which they support, so you know that you're money is going to a good place. As well, it's economical and environmentally sound (basically, recycled clothing...although that doesn't sound very glamorous!).

Anyway, I could go on about all of the great things about thrift shopping, but I hope you feel inspired to go out and give it a try if you haven't already! And if you need some help or ideas, you know where to find me (here or in a thrift store)!

Pink lace button-up top. In style for this summer, and purchased for $6 at a thrift shop!

May 3, 2011

fashion feature: melissa

I decided to start a new, and occasional, feature....a fashion feature of people that I know. I'm hoping this can provide you with a little inspiration and a bit of a break from my own style. It's also a chance for me to be behind the camera, which I secretly enjoy more than being in front of it!

This first fashion feature is my beautiful sister Melissa! She loves to mix a few vintage/second-hand pieces with newer pieces. Some of her favourite brands are H&M, J. Crew, and Anthropologie. Melissa's style is generally relaxed and casual, with lots of basics, solids, and then a splash of colour or pattern here and there. She's also my most faithful thrift shopping partner!

Lepoard print cardigan

Sheer black dress

Belt, vintage leather bag, gold watch

brown leather loafers

On another note, I'm working my way through an blogging e-course, and have been getting a bit of inspiration. Thinking of a few re-design ideas. So stay tuned for a few new and exciting improvements!