May 11, 2011

awkward outfit post

Ready for some awkwardness? These photos are quite possibly some of the most awkward of me so far (although my I think my sister has a few more that shall never been revealed to anyone).

I asked my lovely sis to take some pics of my for an outfit post, and for some reason we couldn't stop laughing, which lead to some intensly weird and awkward photos. I thought for a moment that I wouldn't end up using them, but then I decided that they are maybe too good to keep to myself. So enjoy some awkwardness on this Wednesday morning!

Dress from H&M

vintage lace top

Necklace from Ardene's, ring from Aldo

vintage wedge sandals, vintage leather Cartier bag

I thought these photos expressed a little part of myself. Sometimes I'm goofy, nerdy, too loud, and extremely awkward (although some people may argue that this is how I am most of the time).

So embrace your awkwardness today!


  1. You too loud? Noooo ha ha I actually forgot that about you. I am happy to be reminded.

  2. LOUD not my shy little Laura! (unlike the rest of the Graham Gals in our house)

  3. ha ha sisterly laughing sessions! Those are the best! Love these shots lo they make me happy!