May 23, 2011

when the boyfriend is away

Well, RB left me to tour in Ireland and England for two weeks. I never like when he goes away, but as a musician, its part of his "job". I was jealous that I couldn't go with him, and was stuck here to live life as normal. However, I was determined to do as much as I could to make time go quickly so that I could have him back. Its nearing the end of his two weeks away (he returns tomorrow! Eeeeee!), and I somehow managed to make it through.

So here is a lovely list of things to do while your significant other is away:

1. Cuddle with a puppy! This is the best cure for any loneliness/sadness

2. Eat delicious gourmet cupcakes! I finally found an amazing gluten-free cupcake place with some insane flavours!

3. Visit with lovely friends in another city!

4. Visit with lovely friends in your OWN city!

5. Go shopping! I found this amazing vintage bag, which will be for everyday use. Oh, and I also ordered a pair of heels from Mod Cloth, but I'll show those off once they are delivered (soon please?!)

6. Visit your mom! (insert photo of your own mom...cause I forgot to take pics of mine while I was visiting. Opps)

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