May 26, 2011


I've recently discovered the world of online shopping. I've always been a little nervous to order anything, worried about sizes, or how it would actually look once it was on. It's always seemed very final to me. But I've ordered a few things online over the last few months, and am loving it. There are a few shops with really unique and cute styles that I haven't really been able to find in stores without spending a ton of money.

Ruche is a great little shop that has been featured on many blogs. They carry all kinds of clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes...basically anything a real lady could need! Plus it's fairly affordable in comparison to some other online shops.

I love the cute styles Ruche carries. Some classic looks, some vintage, and some current. There is definitely something there for everyone.

Ruche was started by a husband and wife team, which makes it even cuter. You can read their story on the Ruche blog

Enjoy the shopping!


  1. Super cute stuff! I am going to have to take a little peak!

  2. i entered mandy's giveaway and am keeping my fingers crossed. if you enter i'll keep my fingers crossed for you, too.