September 27, 2012

le temps de l'amour

I'm constantly inspired by the 1960's, whether it's the clothes, the makeup, the hair, or the music (especially the music). I'm sure you may have noticed my love for 1960's dresses on here. The really neat thing is that shift dresses are in style again (but let's be honest, when are they not?! It's a classic style), so I can find items with the 60's silhouette in some of the regular stores that I usually shop in.

This hounds tooth dress is originally from H&M, but I was able to snag it while thrift shopping for about $6. I love a good deal. And the BEST part is that this dress is sooooo comfortable. I secretly imagine that I am wearing a nightgown to work. ;)

Thrifted H&M dress
Vintage heels
Bracelet from Mikao

September 26, 2012

September sponsors

Be sure to take a look at this month's new sponsor, BAIT Footwear!

They have some really fun new fall styles in some really great colours! Their shoes are great quality and so adorable and I couldn't be happier to help them spread the word! So be sure to check them out asap (and the other sponsors too!)

<3 Lo

September 24, 2012


Grey, grey, grey. This outfit seemed to inadvertently match the weather. At times it's very evident that fall has arrived, and then suddenly summer will spring back. So for now, I'm keeping the summer AND the fall clothes going.

Another sign of fall is that work gets crazy busy. For me, things are fairly calm and easy-going at work during the summer, and then September hits and I am suddenly bombard with work. So if you're wondering what I've been up to, the answer would be work. But I must say that I really enjoy being busy and productive. :)

Top c/o Sugarlips
Cardigan from H&M
Wedges from Spring
Grandmother's pearl necklace

Have a great Monday!

xoxo Lo

September 14, 2012

why my niece is the absolutely cutest

So I realized that since announcing the birth of my little niece Penelope, I haven't provided any updates. Penny is just over a month old, and I really have to say (and pretty sure this isn't just the aunt in me speaking) that she is the cutest little thing ever.

My sister and brother-in-law have had their ups and downs, which is natural as first-time parents, but I think they have adjusted well, and Penny could not have been born to more loving and attentive parents. I'm so proud of them! It is so amazing to see Penny already flourishing, and to see her learn and develop. I'm so lucky that I live close enough to be a very involved aunt, and am excited for every stage that is to come!

Penny's first photo.

 Time with Daddy.

 Getting in a little snuggle time on her first day home.

 My mom being the amazing Nanny that she is.

My favourite picture of Penny.

Getting all snuggly after bath time.

I apologize in advance for bombarding you with photos of Penny for the next, oh I don't know, forever.

<3 Lo

September 12, 2012


I recently started taking an 8 week creative writing workshop. My first class was so inspiring and so much fun! I've been slowly cultivating my writing ability over the past year or so, both here on my blog and at work. I'm not some master fiction writer or anything. I like to write from my experience and share parts of myself.

It's really interesting learning a new skill or talent in your late 20's. I use to think that people were born with talents and that those were evident from an early age. I always felt left out of the "talent pool", if you will. I'm not a singer, an actor, I don't play any musical instruments, and I NEVER imagined that I could write. But I was selling myself short, because I didn't understand what being a writer was about. At my writing class, our motto is "a writer is one who writes", and this opens up the world of writing to anyone who will have it. It's been a pleasant surprise that people enjoy my writing, and that this just might be something I am a little bit good at. :)

Vintage dress
T-shirt from Garage
H&M heels
Vintage belt

xoxo Lo

September 7, 2012

at sunset

I love that magical time of day, when evening is just on the brink of taking over and sun is beginning to descend. This is quickly becoming my favourite time to take photos. The lighting is perfect, and there's a certain calm during that hour or so of perfect sunlight. I've noticed that this time is coming a bit earlier now than during the height of summer, as the days begin to shorten for the coming of fall. It's going to become harder and harder soon to catch this perfect light once the clocks change over, and leaving work at 5:30 means the sun is completely gone. I'm not looking forward to the increase in night, so I'm going to saver these last magical rays while I can.

 Bow Hair band from Accessorize
Aldo flats
Modcloth dress
Necklace from Forever 21

Have a wonderful weekend! <3 Lo

September 5, 2012

la quaintrelle giveaway winner!

Happy Wednesday! Things have been busy busy for me since September started, so I'm attempting to adjust from the laziness of summer to the productivity and craziness of the fall. But for today, I wanted to share the winner of the $25 credit to La Quaintrelle!

Congrats als5565! Please contact Meghan at and she will get you all set up!

And for the rest of you who entered, thanks so much for taking part! Don't worry, there will be other chances soon to win some other fun goodies ;)

xoxo Lo

September 3, 2012

in the blue volume of your sweetness

Happy Labour Day! This weekend has been full of a bit of relaxing, reading, and spending time with friends. Rob and I went to a wedding on Saturday in a beautiful town called Collingwood on Georgian Bay, which is a part of Lake Huron. I remember visiting family friends there as a child, but didn't remember how beautiful it was down near the harbour. In between the ceremony and the reception, we wandered into the downtown and strolled the streets, stopping at a little candy store for some ice cream and candy sticks and then popping into an antique shop. Being a small town girl living in a city now, I need an infusion of small town life every once in awhile. While I love living in Toronto, there is a part of me that still craves a quieter, simpler life. Maybe someday I will get to live that out. :)

Vintage dress
Modcloth wedges
Necklace from Forever 21
Vintage belt

Enjoy this last long weekend of the summer!

<3 Lo