September 7, 2012

at sunset

I love that magical time of day, when evening is just on the brink of taking over and sun is beginning to descend. This is quickly becoming my favourite time to take photos. The lighting is perfect, and there's a certain calm during that hour or so of perfect sunlight. I've noticed that this time is coming a bit earlier now than during the height of summer, as the days begin to shorten for the coming of fall. It's going to become harder and harder soon to catch this perfect light once the clocks change over, and leaving work at 5:30 means the sun is completely gone. I'm not looking forward to the increase in night, so I'm going to saver these last magical rays while I can.

 Bow Hair band from Accessorize
Aldo flats
Modcloth dress
Necklace from Forever 21

Have a wonderful weekend! <3 Lo


  1. wow, you own some really gorgeous dresses :) xx

  2. Ah that's the dress you got from the Modcloth sale! I loved it when you first posted it, and it looks even more adorable on you :)


  3. I'm not looking forward to shorter days either! I love your dress Lo! I thought I recognized it from somewhere! I purposefully stay away from Modcloth most of the time....-Jessica L