September 27, 2012

le temps de l'amour

I'm constantly inspired by the 1960's, whether it's the clothes, the makeup, the hair, or the music (especially the music). I'm sure you may have noticed my love for 1960's dresses on here. The really neat thing is that shift dresses are in style again (but let's be honest, when are they not?! It's a classic style), so I can find items with the 60's silhouette in some of the regular stores that I usually shop in.

This hounds tooth dress is originally from H&M, but I was able to snag it while thrift shopping for about $6. I love a good deal. And the BEST part is that this dress is sooooo comfortable. I secretly imagine that I am wearing a nightgown to work. ;)

Thrifted H&M dress
Vintage heels
Bracelet from Mikao


  1. love this, the pop of pink looks so perfect, great contrast.

  2. This is really adorable! I like the subtle pops of red.

  3. I love how this dress fits on you! such a food length- how cute!

  4. I got that dress too! In hot pink for $6. Yes to H&M!

  5. That houndstooth dress is absolutely gorgeous on you! It looks incredible with your pink/red statement shoes, it goes so well with your lipstick


  6. What a lovely post! Your blog is just lovely and I am your newest follower! xx

  7. You look fantastic in this look like you've just stepped straight out of the 1960s! And I love the colourful contrast from your shoes and lips! Just after stumbling upon your lovely blog and I'm an instant fan :)

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you like my little blog.