September 26, 2012

September sponsors

Be sure to take a look at this month's new sponsor, BAIT Footwear!

They have some really fun new fall styles in some really great colours! Their shoes are great quality and so adorable and I couldn't be happier to help them spread the word! So be sure to check them out asap (and the other sponsors too!)

<3 Lo


  1. great shoes. How do you go about getting sponsors for your blog?

    1. Hi Dana!

      Well when I started offering sponsorship I offered the first month free and people just emailed me. I didn't really seek them out. But I did sponsor other blogs to get myself out there, and I contacted a few companies about hosting giveaways on my blog or doing interviews. I think all of those helped. I didn't offer sponsorship until I felt like it was right and when I felt I had something to offer in return. Hope that helps!