September 12, 2012


I recently started taking an 8 week creative writing workshop. My first class was so inspiring and so much fun! I've been slowly cultivating my writing ability over the past year or so, both here on my blog and at work. I'm not some master fiction writer or anything. I like to write from my experience and share parts of myself.

It's really interesting learning a new skill or talent in your late 20's. I use to think that people were born with talents and that those were evident from an early age. I always felt left out of the "talent pool", if you will. I'm not a singer, an actor, I don't play any musical instruments, and I NEVER imagined that I could write. But I was selling myself short, because I didn't understand what being a writer was about. At my writing class, our motto is "a writer is one who writes", and this opens up the world of writing to anyone who will have it. It's been a pleasant surprise that people enjoy my writing, and that this just might be something I am a little bit good at. :)

Vintage dress
T-shirt from Garage
H&M heels
Vintage belt

xoxo Lo


  1. Cute outfit! Good luck with your writing! I need to keep that motto in mind because I've been slacking on writing my novel.

    1. Ohh a novel! Keep it up! I'm not working on any one thing in particular, just enjoying stretching my creative brain. Maybe some day it will turn into something!

  2. wow, i loved reading this, mainly because i have been looking at a creative writing course in our local community with lustfull thoughts of attending. But for me, with kiddos and the business its just not meant to be. But you've made me think that one day, regardless of my age, i could! I too have been through life with "no talent" so to speak, and that is also why i have loved blogging as it appears to be something that im actually ok at! i cant paint, draw or play music, so to me getting dressed nicely is an expression, its my art work.
    Ok sorry, epic comment over haaha!
    Ps as always lovely dress, its adorable! i was eyeing up a non vintage similar one recently but its no where near as nice as yours!xx

    1. Awww. If it's something that you really want to do, you should make time for it. But you can seriously pick it up anytime in your life. Who says you need to be young to be good at something or to learn a new skill! :)