November 28, 2012

my so-called life

I decided to do some indoor outfit shots, featuring the record store where Rob works, Sonic Boom. It's such a cool space, with hundreds of records and CDs, and I incidentally end up spending quite a bit of time there.

When I put this outfit on, complete with my winter boots, Rob said I looked very "My So-Called Life", aka mid-90s. And you know what? I didn't mind at all :)

Vintage dress
Rings from Aldo
Thesis and That Top from Modcloth

Have a happy Tuesday!
<3 Lo

November 12, 2012

fall back

So I've been adjusting to this autumn time change, and clearly my blog has suffered a bit. Usually Rob and I will try and do photos on evenings when we are both available, but now it's dark by the time I leave work at 5:30, and Rob tends to work most weekend...that and the fact that this month is a bit insane for me! So please bare with me as I re-adjust to day-light savings.

I really enjoy fall before it gets too cold, but I must say I dislike how short the days get. I think that's one of the reasons why I love summer so much (that and the heat!). I get a bit disoriented, thinking it's 9pm when really it's only 6pm. Does anyone else struggle with the time change adjustment?!

Thrifted top
Living the Dream skirt from Modcloth
H&M cardigan
Vintage wedges
MAC Diva lipstick

I hope to shove in as many outfit photos during the weekends as possible, so as to avoid complete silence on here. I love sharing a bit of my life with you, and want to try and keep consistent!

Have a great Monday!
<3 Lo

November 5, 2012

mikao giveaway winner!

I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the attic key bracelet from Mikao is Ani! Please send me an email at with your address information! Congrats Ani!

November 1, 2012

two hundred

Well, this is officially my 200th blog post! It's funny to think that I've written about 200 different topics, issues, thoughts, dreams, and adventures...and that you've read each of those. Thank you for reading and for being interested in my little life. It's been so fun to see this blog change and grow. I looked back at what my first blog post was, and thought I would share that with you:

"I think I've always felt a certain pressure that if I had a blog it needed to have a particular topic and be really flashy and interesting. I think these two things have always deterred me from actually ever starting one. I've been thinking of starting a blog for quite awhile now, and suddenly decided today, amongst fits of boredum, that I NEEDED to start a blog. So, putting aside my fears of not measuring up in the blog world, I have started this humble (and I hope not too uninteresting) blog. I hope to just use this as a venue for posting my thoughts, musings, and anything else I find interesting or inspiring. And I'm sorry in advance for the excessive amounts of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories that are sure to appear on here."

I never could have imagined the direction that this blog would take, and it's certainly been an adventure. I hope that you'll stick with me to see where life - and this blog - will take me.

Lots of love, Lo