November 12, 2012

fall back

So I've been adjusting to this autumn time change, and clearly my blog has suffered a bit. Usually Rob and I will try and do photos on evenings when we are both available, but now it's dark by the time I leave work at 5:30, and Rob tends to work most weekend...that and the fact that this month is a bit insane for me! So please bare with me as I re-adjust to day-light savings.

I really enjoy fall before it gets too cold, but I must say I dislike how short the days get. I think that's one of the reasons why I love summer so much (that and the heat!). I get a bit disoriented, thinking it's 9pm when really it's only 6pm. Does anyone else struggle with the time change adjustment?!

Thrifted top
Living the Dream skirt from Modcloth
H&M cardigan
Vintage wedges
MAC Diva lipstick

I hope to shove in as many outfit photos during the weekends as possible, so as to avoid complete silence on here. I love sharing a bit of my life with you, and want to try and keep consistent!

Have a great Monday!
<3 Lo


  1. oh boy this time change is REALLY messing with my evenings. It's dark at like, 6PM here already! I know I'll get used to it right around the time it starts to get light again. ha! Super cute outfit.

    1. I know! It's very strange to start and end the day in the dark!

  2. Your wedges are gorgeous! What are they made out of? They have a very expensive and luxe look to them and in such a bold color. They really make the outfit pop.

  3. I love the skirt, and you are looking adorable as usual! The leaves look gorgeous there. I wish we had more big trees with colorful leaves here. And I am still waking up very early because I fall asleep too early. But I like starting my days early anyways, so I won't try to change it or anything! -Jessica L