April 13, 2011

record store love

I have the extreme fortune of dating a boy who works in a record store (Sonic Boom). This leads to many trips to "visit" him, which always results in me searching through all the vinyl, dvds, and cds. And the store is not small, so my short visits often turn into an hour or more. Boy was working until midnight last night, so I ventured over at around 8 and did a little record store photo shoot. It was quick cause RB had to get back to work, and I felt slightly awkward with the other customers there, but here are the few shots that we did.

One of the vinyl sections I frequent. Always check out the Social Distortion, one of my fav old school punk bands.

Awkward in the Jazz section

So cheap! And enjoyable!

Record store outfit. Handmade vintage dress, H&M cardigan, vintage heels. And the top of my dress is doing something awkward....

A wall of sweet vinyl

RB hard at work. For some reason he decided to pretend that he was stapling his head?
They have everything at SB, even this guy. And for only $6. What a steal.

If you're in Toronto, check out Sonic Boom (if you haven't already). It's by far one of the best record stores in the city, and quite possibly in the WORLD (I'm a little biased).

Hope you're having an excellent day! Go and get aquainted with some vinyl. mmmmmmm.


  1. I think I missed the connection to Rob and working at Sonic Boom, I think I just assumed he was always there, ha. Either way, this is fantastic, and I am a little jealous. Next time we are in Toronto this will be a stop on our trip (just don't tell Colin's brother - who has his own online record store)but hey you really can never have enough records right?! Also, it must be added that you look simply wonderful and adorable in all of these photos.

  2. i haven't been into 'sonic boom' in years! about fifteen years ago (ack! did i just admit that?) i would skip school and head down and browse for hours. rebellious youth! =)