August 26, 2011

ruche chose my love story!

A few months ago, Ruche, one of my fave new online shops (check out the shop here) posted on their twitter and blog that they were going to begin featuring love stories that were submitted by readers/customers. On a whim, I decided to write the love story of me and the man in my life, and sent in the story to Ruche. In a way, I think I wrote it down more for personal reasons, so that I could document our story for us.

Fast forward a few months late, and I received an email from that they had chosen my story for their blog! I was so excited, having almost forgotten about the entire thing all together. And the fun part is that I didn't even tell my boy that I submitted it. He was so touched when he found out.

Here is a sneak peek below, but if you want to read the whole thing you will have to click on the link and read it on the Ruche site. Enjoy!

Love Stories: Connections

I had never really believed in the idea of a love that was “meant to be”. I think I told myself that I didn’t necessarily believe in “the one” because I didn’t want to feel the pressures of finding, or not finding, that specific person.

That all changed when I met my one, and only, great love.
Rob and I met about a year after I moved to Toronto at a church that I had started attending. I instantly recognized him as the drummer in a band at another church I had gone to a few times during my undergrad years in another city. We chatted quickly about the few people that we knew in common, and about how he too had moved to Toronto, about two years before I did. I thought nothing of it other than being one of those coincidences in life. It was a little funny that none of those people introduced us, however, and that we had somehow connected on our own....

Read the rest here!:

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