December 7, 2011

Happy Bestie Day!

Today is the second annual Best Day (as per hellogiggles )! I wanted to post this earlier and wish my besties a great Bestie Day, but work got crazy (as you can probrably tell from the lack of blog posts over the last little while...ahem...). But it's never too late, is it?!

SO HAPPY BESTIE DAY! I have many people I consider to be my best friends, but today I will honor a few of the amazing gals in my life who I am so blessed to know.

Hannah Love Yoon and I met in Uni. This is an old photo of us. I haven't seen her in 2 years as she is living in Korea. :(  I miss her.

Jena and I met in high school, and though we don't see each other often, we have a bond where time changes nothing. She is soon to be a mama to a beautiful little boy, and I am so excited to meet him when he arrives!
Laura and I met in a spanish tutorial in University, and realized we had more in common than just our names. She makes me laugh, and brings out my a bit of my radical side!
Bethany Marie Tulloch is what Anne of Green Gables would refer to as a kindred spirit. This photo says it all. She has moved miles and miles away because she got married this past summer. I miss her very much.

And I would be leaving a VERY important person out if I didn't name my sister Melissa as one of my besties. We've been through out whole lives together, and have always remained close. Love you sis!

 I have TONS of other women in my life that I consider besties, but there are more Bestie Days to come over the years, so never fear!

Hope you have an amazing Bestie Day!


  1. cute - i like the little picture of us :) sissy besties are the bestie.

  2. Oh thats awesome, I will remember for next year! Such cute bestie pics xx