August 1, 2011

snippets of summer

I love snapping pictures with my phone because it's so easy. I wanted to share with you some of  my summer, and thought that posting some of the photos archived in my phone would be the best way.

Here's a bit of what I've been up to:

1. Trying macaroons for the first time!

 2. Strolling around my city in the evenings! I feel so blessed to be living here!

3. Going to LOTS of my boy's shows. (He's hidden in the back on the drums)

4. Brunching!

5. Enjoying the peonies that popped up in my front yard!

6. Watching my boy open the first night of their tour with this little Canadian band (aka Sloan).

7. Attending weddings in large fancy hats.

8. Eating ice cream treats with sister!

9. Going on biking adventures with friends!

10. Spending lots of quality time with my man!

I'm loving this summer, and I hope that you're loving it as well!


  1. How did you like the french macaroons? I was all about them in France. ummm

  2. oh em gee! sloan? i envy you. everything else looks like a wonderful summer but sloan is double wonderful.