May 21, 2012

a floral maxi and a welcome!

It's Victoria Day long weekend over here, so this gal is going to spend the day picnicking and BBQ-ing! We've been suddenly hit with hot summer weather, the kind I've been craving. I'm definitely more of a warm weather person myself.

And in honour of the warmer weather, I've been pulling out more of my summer clothes. I've been in a very simple mood lately when it comes to my style, so this weather is perfect because I can pretty much throw on a dress and be done with it! Do you ever go through fazes where you don't feel like making much effort with your wardrobe? Not in the sense that I've "let myself go" or anything, just been feeling the desire to be a bit more easy-going I guess.

Thrifted maxi skirt
American Apparel tank
Feather necklace from Rob
Wedge sandals from Piperlime
Vintage belt

I also want to extend a big welcome to all the new friends who started following me via my Girl and Closet sponsorship giveaway! Thank you for showing interest in my blog, and I'm excited to meet some new friends. Please feel free to say hello through comments, my twitter or facebook, or send me an email at (this also includes my "old" followers). I want to learn more about you! 

And congrats to Shanna who won the giveaway for $40 at Fierce Deer !!

Have a happy Monday!



  1. Such an awesome outfit! I love thrifted skirts :) Oh and that feather necklace is so adorable...


  2. That skirt is awesome, and yeah I've totally gone through phases where I want to wear whatever is easiest! Those phases tend to hit extra-hard during summer, when it's too hot to think about clothes.
    C Marcia (Sequins)

    1. Yeah summer definitely brings that out!

  3. Hope you had a lovely holiday! I love your floral maxi skirt and that necklace!

  4. Such a pretty skirt! I love the florals. And I wish I could start taking out my summer clothes! But the weather here is still a little too unpredictable for that. *sigh*