May 17, 2012

prince edward county part 2

Here are the last of the photos from our trip to "the County". We stayed at a really lovely B&B called Whispering Falls. It was a little out of the way from the bigger towns, and we had to drive a bit of a ways through the country and farm land to get there, but it was definitely worth it! It was so peaceful there, and we could hear the crickets through the window that night. Being from a rural area originally, I sometimes forget how quite it is outside of the city...and how dark it gets.

In the morning, we headed downstairs for a beautiful homemade breakfast to find that we actually knew the other guests at the house! A woman and her mother were there for Mother's Day, and she had actually played with Rob in our church band! Our host said that this was the first time any of her house guests had expectantly known each other. Needless to say, it made for some easy and non-awkward breakfast conversation.

Before we left on Sunday, we wandered around the large property, which has gardens throughout and a little forest in the back. We took a mini hike to find the waterfall which is the houses' namesake.

I hope you enjoyed my little update on our trip! If you live in Ontario, or are ever visiting here, I highly recommend making a trip out to this wonderful area.

<3 Lo


  1. SO pretty! I love that area so much :) Your blue coat is amazing! How fun are little weekend getaways like that?

  2. I've loved your pictures on both posts. It seems to be such a beautiful area. And you look gorgeous in that blue coat!

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady

    1. It really is a beautiful area! And I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!

  3. Awh. Looks like you had so much fun and your blue coat is so darling!
    Also I really can't wait to follow you and I hope you return the favor (: It would mean so much coming from a style icon like you!

    xx Amber

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you Amber. I don't know that I would call myself a style icon by any means, but thank you for the compliment!

      And I will definitely head over and check out your blog!

  4. looks like a beautiful place to visit! xo