May 8, 2012

periwinkle blue and florals

We've had more cloudy and rainy days than sunny days, and the temperatures are not quite up to my liking yet, so I'm still layering a bit and wearing spring jackets. Tights are still in order under dresses and skirts, and I'm looking forward to it being warm enough that I can simply throw on a dress and head out for the day. I find summer allows me to be a bit simpler with my outfits, as I don't need to be creative about layering. One thing I don't mind about this weather is that it gives me the opportunity to wear one of my favourite vintage jackets, this periwinkle blue trench.

I'm not someone that wears a lot of patterns and I tend to keep it fairly minimal when it comes to accessories, but I really appreciate some nice little details in a dress. I purchased this dress at H&M for $22, and I couldn't be more in love with it. It's simple, but carries some really great details.

Vintage trench coat
H&M dress
Vintage heels
Ring from Aldo
Vintage cameo earrings

I'm in good spirits this week because I start some vacation time on Thursday until next Tuesday! And Rob and I are finally off on a little getaway this weekend to celebrate our anniversary, so there is a lot to look forward to over here! Anything exciting coming up for you?!



  1. Such a gorgeous trench! I want one oh so bad!

    Also, that dress is AMAZING. Love the floral detail - and very, very rarely do I like floral. Also, pockets?! Amazing!!!

    Happy almost-Anniversary!

    1. Thanks! Our anniversary was actually 2 weeks ago, but we are super busy people, and so our celebration is a bit late. But better late than never!

  2. that dress is so pretty! I hope the weather gets better for you <3


    1. I hope so too! In fact today is gorgeous! Just hope it stays!

  3. love the trench and how beautiful is the dress! i love your simple accessories, they really compliment the whole outfit. Wishing you a wonderful anniversary break with your beloved! :)x