August 29, 2012

lingering summer

It seems that summer is not quite ready to make an exit. I always tend to love the end of August/early September. The evenings are cooler and the afternoons still hold warm temperatures and sunshine. This means I can still get away with a few more summery styles before autumn really rolls in. While I'm more of a summer girl myself, I love having a change of seasons because change always means there are new things to look forward too.

I have a feeling that this fall is going to be full of lots of nice changes and opportunities. Things get really busy at work, which I enjoy, and I think it's going to be particularly fun to watch my little niece grow over the coming months. I'm choosing to enter this fall season accepting change and renewal, both in life and in my wardrobe. Do the change of seasons make you excited for a new beginning?

Vintage wedges
Thrifted denim top
Thrifted checkered skort
Thrifted boater hat

The week is halfway done, and we have a long weekend coming up here, so I'm looking forward to a nice rest before kicking off a more busy time in work and life. Have a happy Wednesday!

<3 Lo

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