August 7, 2012

icons of summer

Nothing says summer more to me than little floral dresses and walks in the park. This past weekend started out pretty hot here in the city, but cooled down in the mornings for Sunday and Monday. I'm starting to see little hints of autumn in the early mornings, and it's getting me a bit excited for tights and cozy sweaters. While I love summer and the heat, I'm ready for a bit of a change, and I love living in a country where we get to really experience the different seasons.

But for now, I'm going to appreciate my little summer dresses while I can.  :)

Thrifted poppy dress
Vintage belt
Forever 21 hairband
Payless sandals

Happy Tuesday! 
<3 Lo


  1. You look adorable! love the pop of turquoise on your hair! such lovely headband. Have a blessed one sweety.

  2. Oh my! This outfit is so darling! I love the bow in your hair! I seriously have a crush on your style! -Jessica L

  3. aww love the bow! and everyone is talking about how antsy they are for fall now! thank goodness we live in a place with seasons- imagine being stuck in summer all year round. (then again, not a bad problem to have)

    1. I really do enjoy being able to experience such extremely different season. Gives a little variety!

  4. You're so true. Summer screams for lovely floral dresses. Unfortunately, summer has been hiding here (the weather sucks) but I still wear them anyway haha.

  5. and a beauty it is too! make the most of them its already very autumnal her in the uk. You look stunning as always my dear :)xx

  6. Hey Laura! I awarded you the Liebster Award over here:

  7. Great outfit! You look awesome!