March 10, 2011

all-time top 5 favourite albums

I know that I've been doing a weekly favourites post, but today my friends and I were brainstorming our favourite books and albums. This made me think of one of my favourite movies, High Fidelity, and its "Top 5" lists. So I guess this is another favourites post, but with some of my long-time record loves.

 These two albums hold lots of memories. Left and Leaving by The Weakerthans is my number one all-time favourite album. I discovered this album when I was in high school and it opened me up to a whole new world of music. It was my first great musical education album. There is also a great memory of RB and I lying on his living room floor one summer and belting out on this album. Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie just holds alot of sentimental value from summers in highschool and beyond and is something I can listen to and never get tired of. These two albums are in my Top 5 because I find them both incredibly relateable.

London Calling by The Clash and Clarity by Jimmy Eat World were two other mind-blowing music experiances for me. Once again, these albums provided the beginning of my foray into the world of truely GREAT music. London Calling is a classic punk album with some very historical and groundbreaking songs. It therefore deserves a special spot in my Top 5 list. Clarity was another high school discovery, and I truely feel like this album was ahead of its time when it was released (1999). There is so much about it that I think has influenced many of the indie bands that we hear today. And how can you deny that Goodbye Sky Harbour is an incredible song?!

The last album on my list (and certainly not the last) is the most recent album on my list. High Violet by The National was an easy choice to put on this list though. Even though there isn't as much history behind this album, as it was only released last spring, it is so incredible. Its one of those albums where it takes you by surprise by about the third or fourth listen. It becomes more and more valueable the more you listen to it. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

I listen to SO much music and I go through phases with favourites, but this list is made up of my go-to albums. These five records I will NEVER get tired of. If you haven't heard any of them yet, you really should. But one warning, once you let them into your life, they'll get under skin and never leave.

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