March 14, 2011

blog friend: ali

I know, I'm a week behind..eee. The end of last week and over the weekend was Canadian Music Week here in Toronto, and I was busy busy running around seeing the boy play and other bands. I feel like I've been sucking at the blogging, but I have a few post ideas stashed away in my brain, but haven't had the time to actually do any them. So this week I'm starting out with another blog friend feature!

This time its my friend Ali, a super talented lady. Ali and I met at church and she's a lovely gal. And I have to tell you, this girl can SING! And she plays the fiddle, which equally as awesome! Ali played a few times over Canadian Music Week, and is working towards having a full-time music career. She loves spending time with her husband, referred to as "Mr. Beard" on her blog, and her two lovely kitties!

Ali's blog is all about her life, music, her cats...basically anything in her life that she feels compelled to write about. She has a really cute sense of humour, which is evident by the name of her blog "Not Hip Enough to Blog". Check it out here and get to know her a little!

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  1. Thanks so much Laura!! You da bommmmmb ;) Love your cute little blog and thanks for reading mine xo