March 8, 2011

bread and roses

It's International Women's Day! This year, we also celebrate the 100th anniversary of this day honouring women around the world. Yay ladies!

IWD was started in Germany in 1911. This was as a result of protests over working conditions.

Today, I'm thinking about the "bread and roses" march in New York in 1912. Women workers in the Lawrence Textile Company went on strike. Their slogan, "bread and roses", was an appeal for both fair wages and dignified working conditions.

The struggles of these women, and many more who fight for equal rights and treatment around the world, are an inspiration to us. As women, we should be proud of the advances that we have made in society. I feel so proud and blessed to have the opportunities that I have today. But I also remember the millions of women around the world who are still fighting for their basic rights.

So let's celebrate the ladies today, and remember those who came before us!

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