March 9, 2011

lo's favourite's 4: the lace edition

I'm SO in love with lacy things right now. Not only is it a trend for this spring, but it's just generally lovely. There's something so soft and romantic about lace, and I'm exciting to hunt down some lovely lacy pieces for my wardrobe. I have also found some other lace inspired items for the home, some you can purchase and some you can do yourself.

Doily coasters and clock from Common, a great Etsy shop.
Crafty ideas! Lacy envelopes and mason jar candle holders.
Pretty lacy top from Anthropologie.

Lovely lace-inspired bowl from Hideminy, and a really creative hanging lamp idea.
Gorgeous vintage 1950's lace dress. I would so get married in this.


  1. Huge lace fan as well (who isn't, really?!) I love those envelopes!

  2. I could so see you in the dress!! By the way, I am a closet lace lover from way back and actually have some in the closet! Come and see!!!