March 18, 2011

friday fun!

Happy Friday! I definitely have had a fabulous Friday so far. And the weather was amazing! My mom arrived yesterday for a little visit, and today our friend Michelle came into the city to do a little paper shopping for her up coming wedding and for a little mini post-engagement celebration (yay!). Here's a little peek at my day.

Vintage cardigan, checkered 90s top, 80s high-waisted mini skirt, 70s Etienne Aigner wedge heels. Got all the recent decades covered!
Definitely feeling the spring mood today, so I dressed for the weather.

Philadelphia Rolls!
We hit up Mazz Sushi just down the street. It was my first time there and I'm glad its in my neighbourhood. So delicious!

We definitely ate waaayyy too much!

The Momma and I
Sister and Michelle
And the day isn't even over! Popping over to my sister and brother-in-law's place from some dins, and then heading out to celebrate a friend's birthday. A busy day, but full of wonderful people!


  1. i am loving that cardi! isn't it great when you find places you can enjoy that are close to home? xoxo

  2. thanks! And there are definitely more places in my area to explore. More motivation now that the weather is nicer!

  3. I feel famous! (and double chin-ny). :) Great to see you again, we shall have to do it again some time before July! :)

  4. I love the rounded corners on your pictures, gives it a vintage feel. Happy Friday!

  5. These pictures are wonderful
    your outfit is amazing
    and i want sushiiiiiiiii :(

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog, It Blog Girls!! All the way from Morocco!!!

    And I totally want sushi again too!!

  7. Loo loo your such a trend setting indie princess!!! my role model he he. btw I have been looking for a high waisted denim skirt EVERWHERE! I guess yours is vintage......lucky girl.


  8. Lovely outfit (the yellow is perfect for spring)! How sweet are you and your mom? Thanks for sharing :)