March 25, 2011

stay gold

So remember when I posted that mysterious photo of the gold bag? Well I promised today that I would let you know what was in it. GOLD SHOES! They are a soft leather, and from the 1940s. The legend is that these shoes were once worn my Carmen Miranda (not sure if that's actually true, but kind of a fun idea anyway!)

I thought I would put together a nice little gold-inspired outfit and share with you these fabulous shoes. My wonderful boyfriend did a quick photo shoot for me this morning in the ally-way behind his apartment (so classy) before he had to run off to work (thank you darling boy!).

1960s vintage boiled wool and fur jacket.

The fabulous gold shoes!

Printed yellowy-gold vintage mod dress.
Admiring my shoes! Accessories: vintage cameo broach, gold and white necklage from Ardene's.

One more look!


  1. The second last photo is my favorite. You are so adorable!

  2. Oh and I was totally right about the contents in the bag! Ya me.

  3. Those are some slammin shoes girl! You look great.

  4. whoooaaa these shoes are perfect! mmmm i wants me a pair. <3

  5. I knew it!!!! (I also knew you couldn't resist them when you first saw them)

  6. those are capital ess Shoes! loving! xoxo