March 14, 2011

thom dolan

Back again! As the weather is progressively (and mockingly) getting warmer and sunnier, I have more summer fashion on the mind. Allow me to introduce you to Thom Dolan and his spring/summer 2011 collection! His newest collection features some simple, light, and easy summer looks. These outfits are perfect for riding a bicycle in, or for going to the beach. And I love the styling, with the scuffed-up looking shoes and the old-west style ties. Cute little additions! Need to keep those in mind when I'm compiling my next outfit!

These are the kind of clothes that are perfect to throw on when you are in the mood for something light and uncomplicated. Check out more of Thom Dolan's stuff on his website. He even has a few cute bathing suits! So start getting inspired by these little items, cause summer is on her way!

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