April 3, 2012

three things: why i do what i do

For my second addition of three things, I wanted to share with you a bit about why I have chosen to work in the non-profit field (it's certainly not for the money!). Currently, I work at a charity called the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research as the Development Officer (which is a fancier way of saying that I'm a fundraiser). My day-to-day tasks range from entering donations into our database, to writing letters and proposals, to donor relations. I'm really lucky because I get to do a variety of different tasks and I learn as I go.  How did I end up working in a non-profit? I think it's something that was always in me to do, and helping others, as cheesy or cliché as it may seem, has always been a passion of mine. Anyway, here are three reasons (among many) why I work as a fundraiser and why I work at my current charity.

 1. Volunteering and working for/with others is something that I have been doing since I was a young girl. Growing up in my church I learned a lot about what it means to live selflessly and how to give to others. These values were instilled in me at a young age, and for me, I simply allowed them to grow and flourish into a way that I personally wanted to live.

2. HIV and AIDS have impacted me on a personal level, both from spending 6 months in South Africa and from having friends here in Canada diagnosed as HIV positive, and so the issue is something that is close to my heart. I am so blessed that my first job in the non-profit sector is at a charity that does so much in order to find a cure. I feel like I am, in some small way, having a hand in making this one aspect of our massive world better.

3. I am blessed that I live in the country that I do, and that I have a job and a house and the ability to buy food. I don't make a huge amount of money in my job in comparison to other professions, but I make enough that I am able to live comfortably. There are times when I struggle with loving fashion so much (and even with having a blog that focuses on fashion) when I know what little others have. But I try my best to keep things in perspective, and to give of my time and money (even if it's only a little) as often as I can - which is fairly easy when that is exactly what you are doing 35 hours a week :)

I hope that you've learned a bit about me and what motivates me, and I hope that I've inspired you to volunteer or to give back in a way that expresses who you are!


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    1. Thanks! I'm glad that you found it inspirational :)

  2. Anne Frank sure knows what to say....


  3. aw, such a sweet post! And don't feel bad for writing about fashion. You spend your WHOLE day doing good and helping others (which is more than most people, me included!). Doesn't mean you can't also make time for other things that you love!