April 17, 2012

spring blooms

Yesterday I had to run out and snap some photos of the beautiful blossoming trees in my yard. I'm so fortunate to have a cherry tree in the front yard and pear tree in the backyard. Every time I look out the bay windows in our living room, I'm greeted by a sea of friendly white blossoms. We also have a twisting grape vine that's climbing up the trellis, but hasn't quite bloomed yet. Once it does, I'll be sure to get some photos of the little flowers. It's amazing to surrounded by so much natural fruit, and I can't wait until harvest time!

I'm always amazing at how gently spring comes in. It almost comes about unnoticed, it until one morning you wake up and the trees are in full bloom. This is one of my favourite times of the year, with new life after a dreary and long winter (especially here in Canada), and the promise of summer days in the air.

Happy spring! <3

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