April 30, 2012

the good news is...

...I found this lovely maxi skirt at Salvation Army for $7.

The bad new is I had to take this photo using my little point-and-shoot camera because I lost the battery charger for my new Rebel. I spent all day Sunday calling all the stores I could think of that might carry the charger I needed, and NONE of them had it in stock. I was finally told by one place that the chargers were on back order from Canon and could take an undetermined amount of time to be ordered and sent to me, and would cost me a minimum of $50. Horrible, horrible news.

Things are looking better now, as I was able to find an off-brand charger as a temporary replacement on Amazon for just over $7 (same price as my skirt!), but it's going to take 7 - 11 business days to get here. Sigh.

This has been incredibly frustrating, and I'm glad that I was finally able to find one, but for the next week or so the photos on this blog are going to be a little less than lovely. It feels like a bit of a set-back to my blog, as I was finally able to have the photos be up to the quality that I had wanted for so long. I've been debating whether I should take a bit of a hiatus until I can get things going properly again, but decided that I will still post on my blog, it will just look a bit different for the next while.

Anyway, please bear with me as things may not look as nice as they have recently, but as soon as I get my charger and am able to use my Canon again, things will be back to normal!


  1. Your skirt is so pretty! That sucks so much about the charger :( Any chance your camera hasn't run out of battery though? When I first got my Rebel, the battery honestly lasted for WEEKS at a time. I travelled Europe right after I got it and was taking 1000+ pics a day, and it still lasted about a week, with CONSTANT use. It might last until you get your new charger (that is, if it hasn't died already)

    Oh and I bet it'll come sooner than 7-11 days! Stuff ALWAYS seems to.

    1. Yes, it is completely dead :(
      I had only charged it once since getting the camera, so I didn't even think about looking for the charger until it actually died, and then of course I was in a panic because I now cannot use my camera. But lesson learned for sure!