April 6, 2012

over exposure

I present to you the skirt that I hemmed in my previous post! I am in love with this skirt now, and am tempted to wear it almost every day, which I think would get people asking questions (and probably not in a good way).  Also, I was debating whether I would post these pictures, because Rob and I were in a hurry to get these photos done and they ended up overexposed. This was my third attempt taking photos of this skirt, and wasn't happy with the other photos. Anyway, I really liked how these look, but was nervous about them being overexposed, since all my photos are always very clear and fairly "normal" on here. But then I thought, whatever, this is my blog and there are no rules and I can experiment with photos and be "artsy" if I want too. :)

The skirt!

Blouse from Modcloth.

Fun polka dot tights and new (eee!) platform J&T sandals

Lovely bag from Modcloth.

Vintage belt.


  1. adore this look. the pictures are good, I actually like the way they turned out!!

  2. Yes yes yes! Love the new length! I can never get enough skirts like this. They're so perfectly girly


  3. I think the pictures are really nice, you did a good job with the skirt, but you have to be careful with beauty clothes with bright colours, because everyone remembers and if you wear them a lot everyone will notice, anyway you are free to wear what you like all times you want! I love your hand bag!


  4. love the photos! its nice to experiment it is your blog like you said, go nuts do what you want lol! and the skirt is beautiful, as is the whole outfit (as always!:)xx