April 18, 2012

flower fun

 I had been patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting for this dress to arrive from When Decades Collide . It finally came, and I am SO happy with it! For a 1960's piece, it's in great condition and it fits like it was made for me (and let's be honest, it was made for me by destiny). I highly encourage you to check out this amazing Ebay shop based out of California (and check out their Facebook group too). I literally have to stop myself from constantly going to the shop because everything is faaarrrr too lovely and tempting. And the two sisters behind the shop are absolutely amazing to deal with.  

It was also very convenient that when Rob and I went out to take photos, we found this painted wall under the railway bridge near my apartment.  Perfect pattern and perfect colours!

1960's vintage dress. 

 Vintage coach bag.

 Purple tights from Legs Beautiful.

 J&T wedges.

Pretty bow in the back!

Lace details and high collar.

I love the femininity of this dress! I don't think I have anything else in my closet that has these same gentle pastel colours, which I usually shy away from, but the moment I saw this dress I could picture all the summer adventures that were going to happen in it!


  1. I love this dress! It's lovely! that wall is fantastic!

  2. This dress is SO pretty! It honestly looks like it was made for you! I love it with the purple tights.

    1. I really lucked out with this dress! Couldn't have asked for a better fit!

  3. Love that bag! Great look!


  4. I love love love the dress! perfect color and just adorable. You look stunning.