March 26, 2012

weekend review

This weekend was a great one for me. It's been a long time since I've had a weekend that has left me feeling so creative and productive. I find it all too easy to just be lazy on the weekend, and while sometimes that is essential, it's nice to be able to get some things checked off my to-do list.

On Saturday I spent the day with my roommate. We've only been living together for about two months, but are often so busy that we see each other in passing, so we decided that a little quality time was needed. We started the day by heading off to a little cafe down the street called The Hub. I think this is now going to be our coffee shop

And lucky for me they have Gluten-Free cookies (yeeyee!)

Next we made the trek up to Michael's to buy cross stitching supplies. I've been wanting to take up cross stitching and embroidery for a few months now, but it's so hard to find a place downtown that sells the materials. I tried cross stitching once when I was about 11 or 12 with a little kit, but I don't think I had the patience or appreciation for things like that when I was that age. At Michael's we picked up a really lovely little cross stitching book with some beautiful patterns, and all the little supplies needed. The only complication was finding the actual fabric (how do you have all the supplies except for the most important?!). So we had to swing by Fabric Land. I still wasn't able to find the right fabric, but we found something that we could work with anyway.

 The colours for my pattern.

Sarah cutting the material.

The cross stitch book and my project so far. I'll show the finished product once I'm done!

I honestly spent wayyyy too much time on this cross stitch, and ended up staying in on a Saturday night to work on it, but it was so enjoyable and relaxing that I couldn't put it down!

Sunday started out with this lovely treat:

 A raspberry, blackberry, and banana smoothie with yogurt and honey!

The rest of the day was spent with my boy (aka. getting him to help me with blog photos. Thanks love!). I was able to just relax and enjoy the sunshine!

And one more thing that I did this weekend....created a Facebook page for this here blog! Please like my page here! I will soon have a button on the sidebar, but for now you can access it through the previous link.

Well, that's it for my weekend recap. What did you get up to this weekend? Any fun little projects?


  1. So cute! I bought embroidery thread a couple of weeks ago, I am smocking the girls Easter dresses... and I remember having piles of it when I was little for 'friendship bracelets'!!! Hope you have lots of fun!

    1. So cute! Need to see pictures when the dresses are done!

  2. Too much fun :) wish I could come and spend a weekend with you!!! xxx

    1. You have no idea how much I would love that :)

  3. love this post! your new camera is awesome and takes gorgeous photos!

    1. Aww thanks! I'm still learning all about my camera, and I haven't really had a good chance to try it out yet, but I'm so happy with it so far!

  4. Oh, I love me some raspberry smoothie, all of this looks so delicious :)