March 17, 2012

three things: guilty pleasures

I've decided to start doing posts every once in awhile called "three things", in which I share three things about myself. This first edition is about three of my top guilty pleasures. These are things I am a little ashamed of loving, but can't get enough of none-the-less.

1. The top drawer of  my bedside table is full of wordsearch puzzle books.

I have a bit of a problem and have a few too many word search puzzles books. But I love them. It's one of my truly nerdy hobbies. I feel like I've really accomplished something when I finish a puzzle, and it helps me to "exercise my brain" a bit. This is really something that I hate to admit that I love, because I think some people already have enough of an impression that I am really an 80 year-old in a 27 year-old's body. This will just serve to confirm that.

2. I watch terrible romantic comedies.

Honestly, 9 times out of 10 I will choose a rom com over any other genre of movie. It's terrible, but I can't help myself. When I watch a chick flick I know exactly what to expect. I know that there will be some kind of love triangle or romantic struggle, a quirky best friend, and some really fun girlie fashion. And in the end everything wraps up nicely and everyone is happy. It's a complete escape from reality. When I've had a long day, usually I just want to watch switch off, relax, and watch a rom com...because my brain will not have to work to understand what's happening (please don't judge me).

3. I sometimes read fluffy girl books.

I tend to read about 3 to 4 books at a time (I need some variety, and really, there are just too many good books out there), and inevitably there will usually be at least one fluffy girl book in there. This can range from adult fiction (like the Shopaholic series), to teen/young-adult fiction (ie. TWILIGHT!!!!). I will usually get these books from the library, because I am too embarrassed to have them included in my personal book collection. But I will not stop reading these books, not ever. (Note: the above book is NOT a recommendation. I LOVED Sweet Valley growing up, and this was a recent release of an update 10 years later. It was greatly disappointing.)


On another note, you may have noticed the exceptional quality of my photos in this post. That's because I bought this yesterday!

I've wanted a nice Canon for yeeeaaarrrsss, and finally decided to take the plunge (but got it for a nice little deal through Kijiji...basically brand new!).


  1. Okay, the suspense is killing me. What did Jessica and Elizabeth end up doing ten years later?

    1. Nothing exciting...just fighting, as usual

  2. WOW! COngratulations with your new DSLR, love to have one too! DOn't worry girl, I'm also in love with romantic comedies! They're just a good source of happy hormones! <3

  3. oh my goodness, puzzle lover: yep! sappy rom com favourer: yep! chick lit lover (amongst other more intellectual books): YUP! I feel like you've just spelled out all my guilty pleasures!!
    Yay for the new camera, we have a canon and im just thinking about a new lens. having a good camera makes such a good difference!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend hun.
    Rachel xx
    Ps, i'm having a little give-away on my blog, pop on over if you fancy entering to win :D

    1. Thanks Rach! Glad you have the same guilty pleasures as me! I will take a trip over to your blog and check out this little giveaway.

  4. Great camera! Love canon. Hopefully soon I can get one too. I love chick flix, who doesn't?

    1. Thanks Erleene! I'm really happy with it!