March 8, 2012

surprise! and honest ed's

 Well I'm sure you've noticed that something's a little different around this here little blog. It got the makeover of it's dreams (well, my dreams really)! All this is thanks to a lovely lady over at Paper Crowns, who generously gave of her free time to help me improve my blog. Make sure you check out her beautiful blog!

 And in other news, here in Toronto we have a very weird store that has been around forreevvveerr. It's a bit of a famous place. It's called Honest Ed's and it's a HUGE bargain shop, and the joke is that once you go in, you can never find your way out again (and it's basically could get lost in there for days!). The store is also known for all the strange signs covering the building which each feature another terrible pun after another. My boyfriend's work (a fancy little record shop called Sonic Boom) rents out space on the main floor, and so he helped me take some outfit photos in the very weird Honest Ed's Alley.

The crazy place

Dwarfed by bad jokes.

Vintage blazer

Vintage wedge sandals

Silk embroidered blouse found at an estate sale.

Thrifted deer necklace.

Vintage carpet bag

American Apparel pants

I leave you with one more silly pun!


  1. yay! lovely pretty blog!it is looking great! and love this outfit, i so wish thrifting in the uk was better, that deer necklace and the whole outfit is amazing! xx

  2. love love love your top! its details are so beautiful! u look so sweet in that top & necklace. those "jokes" are quite punny. heehee. and thanks so much for the LIKE over at found by fleet fb page <3


    1. thanks so much! And yes, I love the Fleet shop and your blog is very cute. Thanks for checking mine out!