March 2, 2012

financial district

My office is in the financial district (I certainly don't work in finance), and it's an interesting part of the city to me. The architecture of the buildings is fairly boring, made up mostly of glass and mirrors and stark white lobbies. And the fashion is usually not very interesting either. I tend to stand out in my colourful "strange" outfits in the sea of black and grey suits. I actually enjoy this, because what is fashion about if not being a bit daring and standing out in the crowd?

H&M sweater
Mustard skirt from Urban Outfitters. Vintage coral heels.
H&M top.

Vintage luggage bag. Pearl bracelets from Aldo Accessories.

And a special announcement! I've been selected as a ModCloth Style Ambassador for 2012! I love this online shop and am so excited about this amazing opportunity. If you don't know the website already, have a look around here.

 Happy Friday everyone!


  1. So cute! I almost bought that same H&M top!

  2. I have the same skirt! SUCH a cute outfit. It's perfect. I love that top!

    Love that you're bringing some COLOUR to Toronto's grey, grey, grey financial district!


  3. beautiful!you have your own style and i love it! following you for sure ♥

  4. Love this outfit! The skirt combined with the top is perfect! And I love that bag!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    <3 Kastles

  5. Congratulations! :)

    Love your outfit! The skirt is adorable and the top is soo cute!!!

    -Josie, 8bitgrayscale